Mutley's was founded in 2011 by Rhonda Reihill. Rhonda has been training dogs for 15 years and is passionate and experienced in all aspects of canine care. Mutley's is dedicated to providing a positive and friendly environment were your dogs can enjoy their dog grooming, traininig and day care experiences. Only positive methods are practiised by our dog trainers and groomers. We treat your dog like they are part of our familiy, your dog is the heart of our business.

The History of Mutley's

Portmarnock 2011

Mutley's Empawrium

Our business has successfully developed mainly by word of mouth. Our customers are like ambassadors for our brand and they "get it". They "get" that we love dogs and that it is passion and care first, business second.


We have listened to our customers over the years and deliver the services they want. Our new "Dog Friendly Cafe" is the latest of our initiatives to provide quality services that make all our furry freinds happy.


Drop by, say hello or book your furry friend in for a professional groom. We look forward to meeting you and your pal soon.


Rhonda Reihill