At Mutley's we are passionate in giving your dog the very best care, socialisation and fun day care experience.


Your Dogs happiness is our top priority, that is why we are completely cage free!


Day care fun starts with play, learning to interact correctly with other doggie pals and people, light training and fun learning games throughout the day.Your Dog will be happy and tired when you arrive at the end of the day.



Puppies must be over 12 weeks to start in day care


All dogs over 6 months will be assessed over 2 days, they will be watched closely for any signs of stress. Only dogs who are happy socialising with other dogs will be accepted into Mutley's daycare.


All toys, chews, blankets and beds are provided in Mutleys


All dogs must be fully vaccinated including the kennel cough vaccine before starting daycare


Price for Puppies under 6 months 20 euro


Price for Dogs over 6 months 22 euro